With us, you will come across: 

  • Interesting projects – your job as a software developer is to help customers understand their possibilities and also draw a pretty picture of what we are going to deliver to them.
  • New exciting stuff – We want to build more solutions with microservices and interesting technology stacks. Please share your knowledge about serverless stack and Javascript -frameworks with us.
  • Combined, we have the skills of a larger corporation but the spirit of a small company. ”Efficient, but chill” as one of our software architects would say.

These are some of the skills and tools your future Ambientian colleagues would recommend:

  • Magento 2 and other PHP based platforms
  • Modern web technologies such as microservices and vue.js / react javascript solutions
  • Endless desire to learn more and help your team to become even better

At Ambientia you get to pick and mix with the tools, whatever works best for you and for the client. ”This might be a bit of a clichée, but we have the willingness to try and look for new ways to deliver. We’re not sticking with some old textbook methods, but finding new solutions and combinations to find the best outcome” is how an another Ambientian would put it. We also want you to fall in love with the agile way of doing things.

Ambientia is as good as it’s employees

  • You are the leader of your own work – you can choose where and when you want to do it, for us it’s important that the important tasks get done and the customer is happy
  • Our manages and project leads will not be breathing down your neck, their job is to facilitate your work
  • Help your colleagues and receive help in return
  • We want you to succeed; choose your own work equipment (computer, phone, etc), lunch benefit on top of your monthly salary and culture and sports benefit to use on the hobbies of your choosing.

How have we helped our clients? Take a look at our customer success story in car retail market: https://www.ambientia.fi/en/case/autoverkkokauppa-fi-customer-oriented-service-from-the-initial-concept-to-technical-implementation/

You may also be interested in how we have helped Halonen & Carlson to growth their eCommerce (in Finnish): https://www.ambientia.fi/case/halonen-carlson-asiakaskokemus-on-parantunut-ja-kampanjamyynti-kasvanut-yli-50/

or boosted wholesale company Foodstock´s digitalization (in Finnish): https://www.ambientia.fi/case/foodstock-b2b-verkkokaupalla-parempaa-asiakaskokemusta/

Can you trust, that we know how to build success stories? 

Our mission is not just to build online stores, but to be our customers’ partner on their growth journey towards digital solutions and better customer experience. And the thing we are most proud of: Many of our clients find Ambientians easy and nice to work with and they expect to meet more like-minded people in the future. This is where you come in!

We have new exciting customer cases and future success stories waiting for you!

Here’s how the process goes:

  1. Fill in the application form and please use your LinkedIn profile if it´s comprehensive and up to date.
  2. All good things come to an end, and so does this application period on 30.11.2021
  3. First, we want to learn more about your skills – in the spirit of a code challenge!
  4. In the second stage, you can also get to know us – let’s talk more via Teams.
  5. From the interview, we move on to the selection – we don’t waste any time.